Earn while you browse

– No capital required
– No payment required
– Earn thousands of Naira while doing what you want; browsing
– Refer friends to double you earnings

N5000 Minimum withdrawal.

Why is Naira money different from others?

Unlike other earning apps and sites we don’t promise what we can’t do, we pay! We won’t promise to make you a millionaire but we can ensure you eat well and dress well. If you are looking for an app to make you a millionaire overnight don’t bother using Nairamoney. But you want to make enough money to be comfortable install this app and follow the instructions on how to use it.

How do we make money?

It is important we clear this area in other to ensure we are transparent and trustworthy. We make money through our advertisers only.

When you complete a task by one of our advertisers, you are paid we are paid too. These tasks are daily sometimes, and weekly some times, it depends on when the offer is available.

How you make money?

You make money in 3 ways

1. Earn by completing tasks
2. Earn by referral
3. Earn by opening the app

1. Earn by completing the task

Every day a new task is available, such a task could be reading news, watching videos for a few seconds, doing a short survey, or simply commenting.

You can make a maximum of N5000 a day only Senior members can earn more.

The rates for each completed task are determined by the advertisers. We only take 20 percent of what you earn.

2. Earn by referral

If you invite your friends and families to Naira money you earn a small percentage or bonus of what they earn each day for two months. What this means is, for instance, your friend by name Mr. A joins with you as the sponsor, he completed the task and earn 1000 Naira every day, you get to earn 100 (not exact figures) out of that 1000 he earned, this will continue every day for the next two months.

Imagine if you have up to 30 upgraded persons you referred giving you  N500 x 30, that is N15000 every day x 31 days that’s = 465,000 for one month. Minus the bonus that’s due to you, if you add this bonus it can much higher.

N500 is for each upgraded person you referred.

This figures can go much higher if the person’s you referred earns as high as N5000 ( which is the minimum amount one can make in a day)


We don’t require payment, no registration fee is needed, this is free as the more money you make the more money we make too.

Unless you want to upgrade to become a senior member, which unlocks all tasks to you, in that case, you can even use the money you made to upgrade, otherwise, you can wait till you complete 800 tasks you’ll be automatically upgraded.


How much can I make?

You can make as much money as available. To maximize the amount you make always open the app each day, as the more offers you to complete the more money you get.

When can I cash out?

Twice a month once you reach the minimum threshold.

What is the minimum amount to be withdrawn?


For questions and other inquiry please use the contact us form. Or send a mail to Admin@nairamoney .xyz

How to start making money on Naira money

Download from play store
– Install the application and open it.
– Sign up if you haven’t done so or sign in if you have registered
– To register to fill in your details and click sign up.
– Confirm your email.

To start earning go-to task
– Complete the task
– Go-to submit a task and submit the task you completed

  • Invite as many people as possible using the referral link in your account. You get N500 for each upgraded referred member.

Your account will be credited within 24 hours max.